The Steven Myron Holl foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates cultural and educational programming, including the 'T' Space Gallery, an architecture residency, publications, the videopolemic series 32BNY and a 30-acre woodland preserve at its campus in Rhinebeck, New York.



  1. UNITE the architecture, art, poetry and music of our time. The cross-inspiration of the arts through history, a pursuit of fundamental importance, is a core purpose of the Steven Myron Holl Foundation.

  2. REFLECT at a time when art and architecture have become  increasingly financial instruments.  The Steven Myron Holl Foundation is dedicated to reflecting on the meanings of art and architecture, with the aim of educating the public by facilitating dialogue among living artists.

  3. COMMISSION new works and experimental collaborations. By commissioning artists, we foster hybrid combinations of new thought. 

  4. EDUCATE through the arts, music and poetry, providing an enriched architectural education, including a summer architecture fellowship and academic tours. 

  5. RENEW the deep connection of the arts, humanity and the natural landscape. The Steven Myron Holl Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of our forested natural habitat.  



Revised 9/15/15

"There is no better tool with which to design the link between mind-body and environment. Architecture is the most effective instrument for reconstructing relations between our species and the earth. The mind must not be separated from its phenomenal senses via the body, which should not be separated from the phenomenal power of architecture. The study of architecture is simultaneously scientific, psychological and intuitively poetic.

The link between mind-body and environment is today a territory of new focus; we can scientifically argue the timely importance of architecture as an integral phenomena. Humans belong to thinking and reflecting species whose behavior affects all species on the earth. The crucial tool—architecture—must be put in futuristic service of a new dynamic linkage of mind-body-environment.





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