The Steven Myron Holl Foundation is thrilled to announce the construction of a new Architectural Archive and Research Library. The building, designed by Steven to complement the existing structures on the T2 Reserve, will serve students, professionals and the public from the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Both a cultural and educational resource, the archive will host a schedule of lectures and programs on the issues in sustainability, urbanism, architecture and the arts. Our annual architecture residency studio will spend a month at the library site, designing solutions for the Hudson Valley's ecological sustainability. The building will include a meeting space available to community organizations, school groups and others seeking retreat or a space away from the office.

An exemplar of environmental sensitivity, the archive will have a positive impact on its surroundings. An adjacent recycling water pond and vegetated roof will create habitat for frogs, turtles, birds and other wildlife while conserving energy and capturing storm water for later use. Seven climate-responsive skylights and blinds will regulate indoor light, temperature and humidity levels, limiting the need for electricity.

The Architectural Archive and Research Library will house 1,200 models, 3,300 books, 20,000 individual watercolors and assorted furniture, artwork, correspondence, drawing sets, material samples and photographs.